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What is Class 4 Hearing Aid Repair?

Class 4 Hearing Aid Repair consist of the follong options:

  • Upgrading electronics
  • Convert from analog to digital
  • Reprogram to current audiogram (Hearing Test)
  • Option to change battery size

Serious consideration should be given to all the options available in the event the Faceplate has to be replaced.

Any time a new faceplate is required, for any reason, it is strongly recommended that a current Audiogram (hearing test) be submitted with the request for repair services.

  • An upgrade to the existing analog circuit (more gain)
  • An upgrade to the existing analog circuit to programmable analog signal processing
  • An upgrade to the existing digital circuit to a current digital circuit
  • They choose to because of a change in hearing loss
  • The desire to make changes or modifications at their discretion for improvement, convenience of usage, or better hearing aid performance.

When a New Faceplate is installed, unless otherwise stated, all New Electronics are installed, and the only part of the existing hearing aid used is the Shell and usually the same serial number.

Installing a new faceplate provides the opportunity to change the internal components of like type (either Analog or Digital) to compensate or allow for more gain (power) or other features.   Features such as Switches or Buttons can be added or removed at the time of Faceplate replacement.

Usually depending upon availability or costs, the user may choose to upgrade the Circuit and Components to allow for changes in the performance of the hearing aid through the use of a Computer. The user may choose to upgrade the existing hearing aid’s electronics to Digital Signal Processing for enhanced benefits to the existing hearing aid.  The user may also choose to upgrade the existing Digital Circuit for improved hearing or tolerance, performance, or for more convenient and inexpensive service.

The user, owner, or caretaker, may choose to change an existing private label, or brand of hearing aid circuit, because of Limited and Non-Competitive Service Availability.

In such an event, the hearing aid user has the option to choose to have the existing electronics transferred from the damaged faceplate, and reused, or to use this opportunity to upgrade the electronics to either different and stronger components (to compensate for a change in hearing loss), to add or remove aforementioned Switches and Features, or to convert the existing hearing aid to Analog or Digital Signal Processing.

Since Brands such as all the major PRIVATE LABELS in the hearing aid industry, do not make their PROPRIETY SOFTWARE available to non-member Dealers, such hearing aids can only be serviced and programmed by the AUTHORIZED FRANCHISE DEALERS and not the GENERAL PUBLIC.

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