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What is Class 3 Hearing Aid Repair?

Class 3  Hearing Aid Repair includes the following options:

  • Class 1 (Basic Repair)
  • Replacement of damge mold (shell) Current Impression needed
    (Using exisiting faceplate and electronics)

How is this done?  A block (usually consisting of cotton or rubber) is inserted into the ear canal (including a removal string), and through the use of a syringe, the prepared material is injected into the canal and concha, allowed time to harden, and is then removed.

The finished impression is then submitted to an earmold lab which begins the process of manufacturing a shell by making a mold of the impression and then casting a plastic replica of the ear.  This becomes what is called the shell of a Custom-Made Hearing Aid.

The faceplate is a separate pre-finished plastic part which is then bonded to the finished shell.  The faceplate, which holds the appropriate electronic components including the battery door, microphone and volume control, is not custom-made but is modified and adapted to fit the custom shell.

The placement of all switches or buttons on a Faceplate is critical since they have to be operated or activated by the use of a finger and it is important that the hearing aid user can find and activate the various devices by touch.  The Replacement of such switches and devices is usually accomplished under the Class 1 Electronic Repair Services.

The faceplate may also have to be replaced due to Physical Damage or Abuse, or from the plastic cracking or otherwise being damaged and unserviceable.  A damaged faceplate prevents the separating and opening of the faceplate from the shell, required in all Servicing of the Hearing Aid itself.

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