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What is Class 2 Hearing Aid Repair?

Class 2 Hearing Aid Repair includes the following ouelet  options:

  • Class 1 (Basic Repair)
  • Re-installation of original electronics
  • Replacement of a Faceplate and battery door because of damage or defect

Any of these changes offered are always provided at a much greater savings than the purchase of a New Hearing Aid with the same or similar benefits.

When the Faceplate is manufactured, what is called a Hinge  Pin, which allows for the attachment and functioning of a battery door, is molded into the Faceplate.  It infrequently becomes dislodged and cannot be replaced.

If the Hinge Pin becomes dislodged or otherwise damaged, such a repair involves the complete replacement of the Faceplate.

The faceplate may also have to be replaced due to Physical Damage or  Abuse, or from the plastic cracking or otherwise being damaged and unserviceable. 

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