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What is Class 1 Hearing Aid Repair?

Class 1: An Explanation of this Classification

A hearing aid consists of 2 basic component categories: the shell and the electronic devices which includes one or more microphones (transducer) which receive sound waves, a receiver (speaker) which transmits or projects processed and modified sound, into the ear canal. A hearing aid repair shop should evaluate both components.

Both of these type components are:

  • Very susceptible to contamination by dirt, dust, moisture, chemicals (such as hair spray) and ear wax created within the ear canal.
  • Contain very delicate membranes which can be damaged by physical shock or environmental factors, including humidity and moisture.
  • Some hearing aids include switches and other devices such as a Telecoil (for use with a telephone) and

Such devices are included in this repair classification.

The nature of ear wax, in conjunction with movement, expansion and contraction of the ear canal, results in the ear wax moving within the ear canal and getting into parts of the hearing aid, such as the receiver tube. The slightest amount of such contaminants can obstruct the passage of sound, and render the hearing aid ineffective.

Another electronic component among the hearing aid repair parts is a device called a capacitor. The manufacturer of the capacitor has a chemical ingredient which is subject to deterioration over time, and can become defective.

Other components are: resistors, which affect the flow of electrical current, the amplifier, which is critical to the operation and function of the hearing aid, and copper wiring which is attached by solder and connects the components.

Accidental physical abuse, such as dropping a hearing aid on a hard surface, can dislodge and damage the electronic components. A malfunction in the tolerances of these components affects the performance of the hearing aid.

Class 1 Hearing Aid Repair includes the repair or replacement of any of these electronic components. Within the warranty period provided with the repair of the hearing aid, all components and labor are provided by the hearing aid repair lab, regardless of whether they were functioning according to specification at the time of the initial repair and were not the cause for the original failure.

The shell, case, or any other plastic component is not included or provided for, under Class 1 Repair. This exclusion includes cracked or damaged shells, holes, or missing parts. Such exclusion can be repaired under different classifications of repair.

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