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Direct Hearing Aid repairs all hearing aids produced by all manufacturers. We specialize in hearing aids that are more than five years old and are no longer being repaired by the original manufacturers. We stock most parts in-house, and can complete all hearing aid repairs within 24-48 hours of receiving the hearing aid in our lab.

Direct Hearing Aid is a repair lab; we do not sell new hearing aids.  We can repair, upgrade, and transfer electronic components between hearing aids, or replace those parts that have been lost in order to save you money. 

Direct Hearing Aid carries, among others, the following hearing-aid accessories:

  • Super Right Aid
  • Wax Flat
  • Wax Cover
  • Wind Screen
  • Wind Hood
  • Batteries at the lowest price!

The accessories we carry can help you prevent damage from moisture, dirt, and debris
.  By preventing damage of this kind, you can avoid a costly future repair.  Hearing Aid Accessories can be purchased and installed the same day so you don’t have to wait for a large manufacturer to receive, repair, and ship your hearing aid back to you, which in many cases can take up to two weeks.  If a Hearing Aid is dropped off directly to our lab, we can make sure you have it back within 24 hours. 

Direct Hearing Aid also offers:

  • $3.00 battery packs
  • Extended 6-month warranties at half the price of the manufacturers warranty
  • $19.95 Cleaning and Maintenance Review
  • $100.00 Audiogram Programming Option (Current audiogram required with hearing aid)

At Direct Hearing Aid, our technicians have over 20 years of experience repairing all brands of hearing aids.  Don’t go though a middle man.  Have your Hearing Aid repaired quickly and cost-effectively at Direct Hearing Aid!

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