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What Makes Us Unique

When it comes ouelet  to choosing a company for your hearing aid needs, it is important that the company is responsive, can serve your needs quickly, and provides the highest-quality professional hearing aid service and support available.  At Direct Hearing Aid, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service, highly-trained and skilled technicians, and support services available to our customers.  With   more than 20 years of industry experience, Direct Hearing Aid focuses on the little things - whether it’s making sure your earpiece fits comfortably or  simply making sure that all of your questions are answered.  And unlike other hearing aid repair shops, Direct Hearing Aid offers customers quality and   timely repairs at a wholesale price; we deal directly with our customers, allowing us to better serve their individual needs.  

 We offer:

  • Wholesale pricing to the public.
  • 24-48 hour turnaround on most repairs.
  • Factory trained & certified technicians with  20+ years of experience.
  • Support services to help our customers make sure they are getting fit for their needs.

Choosing A Hearing Aid Repair Lab
Where Should You Have Your Hearing Aid Repaired ?
This is a question most hearing aid users will have to ask themselves sooner or later.
Hearing aids are hybrids of mechanical and electronic devices.  They are subject to moisture, dust, dirt, earwax, debris, and physical abuse and handling, and at some point in time, will require maintenance and possibly, major or minor repair.
As a hearing aid user, it is important you understand that the basic   purpose of hearing aid manufacturers and retail outlets is to continually sell you new product.  Why?  That’s how they make the greatest profit, so these companies try to deter clients from repairing their hearing aids and instead pressure them to buy a new one. This attitude is reflected by many outlets who claim they cannot repair even their own brand of hearing aid after a specified period of time, such as 3 or 5 years.
All hearing aids, standardized or custom-made, can be repaired.  Whether you need to fix the microphone, receiver, a broken wire, or a bad transistor, it can be repaired. 
So, who should repair your hearing aid?  The best source for hearing aid repair is someone that repairs, but does not sell, hearing aids.
An independent hearing aid repair lab is dedicated to providing all the  services, options, and products, necessary to maximize the performance of your hearing aid at the most reasonable price.
Independent hearing aid labs:

  • Have no ulterior motives in representing what can or cannot be repaired on an existing hearing aid.
  • Guarantee the electronic performance of the hearing aids they repair. 
  • Want the hearing aid to perform perfectly once it has  been repaired.

As a consumer, it is important for you to know the following  about the technicians who will be repairing your hearing aid:

  1. The qualifications of the repair lab and their technicians
  2. The repair lab’s reputation within the market
  3. How long the repair lab has been in business

At Direct Hearing Aid, we are proud of our reputation, the skills of our technicians, the quality of our hearing aid repair parts, and an unparalleled customer service. 
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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